Welcome to the fennetic technetics RepRap development page!

Production has been postponed due to logistical problems.
If you would like to purchase a fully assembled mini mendel, you'll have to do it elsewhere. contact me at fenn_at_sdf_dot_lonestar.org

In the meanwhile, here are some videos and pictures of the mini-mendel:

mini mendel v0.1

Mini mendel made at the Noisebridge and Hacker Dojo hacker spaces in May 2010.

As seen at Maker Faire 2010 in San Mateo.

This my first prototype and AFAIK the third mini mendel in existence. I will be significantly modifying the design to fix several bugs.

some modifications to get the as-designed mini mendel to actually work; the increased idler spacing allows the x axis belt to clear the x carriage and not rub against it. also, I use size nema 17 motors, and made a little adapter plate.