welcome, quantified selfers!
this is my lifelog project.

the last ten days

an image-based overview of 2005-2010, click the graph for separate monthly pages.

a pure html visualization of january 2011

the data for january 2011

pure html 2005-2010, rather large and slow; zoom in and out in your browser for extra fun

some statistics from the data

the source code for the script used to make the visualization

some newer code using pyparsing, not quite functional yet

a curious coincidence. from Self Experimentation: a Call for Change:
"Ned Connor recorded aspects of his behavior for over four years. Ned kept a small sheet of paper and a wrist stopwatch with him at all times and recorded the time spent at each major activity, such as when he slept, when he was in the laboratory, when he was socializing and with whom, time spent working, relaxing and exercising, what foods he ate and when, how many sentences he wrote. In one study, Ned constructed cumulative records of numebr of sentences written each day over the course of 2 1/2 years, and identified scallops, with sentences increasing as each school term drew to a close; living with another person caused a decrease in writing rate; writing in a single isolated room increased rate; and sleeping during the day and working at night also resulted in a marked increase in rate. Ned also analyzed his sleep cycle and found that over more than two of the four years analyzed, he maintained a greater than 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. Although this effect is commonly found when people are isolated in environments containing no obvious time cues, e.g., while living deep in a cave, the effect is noteworthy for a sighted individual in an everyday environment."


yes i'm still here, still logging. have to transcribe several extremely boring years worth of paper log books into digital format. any takers?

laurie frick made two incredibly detailed artistic interpretations of some fun times i had in 2011. cool!