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Frequently Asked Questions  

:How come I can't edit the FAQ?
|Seems spam bots like to attack the FAQ file for some reason, so I changed it to read-only. Post questions on the front page or in the sandbox, or you can request a user account from fenn.
:Who is Dave Gingery?
|Try clicking here.
:How do you pronounce "Gingery?"
|The G's are hard, as in giggle.
:Where do I go to talk about Dave Gingery's books?
|Go to the yahoo group and say hello!
:Why the f** should I care about this page?
|I have written a nice article on the subject. Enjoy!
:What if I spot an error?
|If it is a typo or an obvious mistake, just correct it. If it may be a difference of opinion, please add to the article and explain your point of view.
:Am I qualified to write on a subject?
|If you know anything at all, you should write it down in the appropriate place. If it's wrong, someone who does know will come along and either correct it or refute it. This way we all win since common misconceptions are corrected and we get to see both sides of an argument.
:How do I edit a page?
|Go to the page you wish to edit, then click "Edit" at the top of the page. Try playing in the sandbox first if you are timid.
:Why are there little question marks everywhere?
|That means the page a link points to hasn't been created yet.
:How do I add a link to a page I just made?

To make a link, just type [[pagename]] or [[link words>pagename]] 
or [[Full URL]] in the wiki mode editor.
If you use html just do <a href="pagename">

:How do I upload a file or image?
|Go to the page you wish to attach or embed an image in, then click "Attach" at the top of the page. Click on the little folder icon, choose your file, then click upload. To embed the image you uploaded, type "#ref(ImageName)" in wiki mode. If it's on a different page, type "#ref(ImageName, PageName)" instead. I havent tried to do it with html yet.
:How do I link to an image on another website?
|Type the URL of the image in double square brackets, like making a link.
:Aren't you just going to steal the information I contributed and make money off of it?
|No, first of all because nobody ever got rich writing books for poor people, and secondly you should read the legal license page when I ever get around to writing it. See ipconcerns for now.
:What about liability?
|Good question. Anyone care to answer this one?
:How do I create a user account?
|I have to make one for you. Post something on the front page or email me about it. -fenn

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