accessories - toolposts

Clamp style (Groz) - my favorite

Piston style (Aloris)

Cam style
unusual triangular cam-style toolpost:

Block on a stick toolpost:

Design adapted from Bruce Simpson's page, (above,)
with addition of right-hand tool slot and boring bar holder. It's a big square block so you might want to make it as a triangle instead, for getting into tight crevases like between the headstock and tailstock ;)
Triangle design:

this drawing shamelessly stolen from chris heapy. (ignore the "special holding down collar" and add a split cotter)

holding a carbide insert:

If you have lots of carbide inserts but no matching toolholders, you can put the insert right into your toolpost, like this.

Apparently this design was originally described in Model Engineer, vol 136 No 3384, 2-15 January 1970 by LC Mason, a name which should be familiar to many of you. It's attached as toolpost1.jpg and toolpost2.jpg

See another example of this toolpost here:

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