• hydraulic feed adjuster/quick return
  • highly adjustable auto off for cutting partway thru stock
  • chain drive, bicycle chain gearing
  • sliding wheel brackets for diff. size blades
  • machine wheels directly on frame w/ lathe compound or grinder
  • upright table
  • multiple bearings on blade guide to straighten blade out; straighter cut
  • ball handles :)
  • quick vise like on dewalt abrasive chop saw
    • half of a nut is on a pivot with center above threaded rod. Rod pushes against vise jaw to clamp work. To open, turn handle counterclockwise a few turns and pull back.
  • oil/sand or concrete filled frame
  • tension meter
  • wheel angle adjustment
  • chip tray

overarm for blade guide bearings as in enco 136-2617

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