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Minimum Materials costs for a Gingery lathe

The following is not to be used as a shopping list. It is for the sole purpose of getting a general idea how much this project costs. It is incomplete and highly unreliable. You have been warned! This list assumes you already own a complete woodworking shop, drill bits, safety equipment, etc. It also assumes you make no mistakes, no waste, know exactly what you're doing, and is generally unrealistic.

See the attached lathe-bom-sort.html for a more realistic idea of what you will be spending...It's what I actually spent during the time period I built the lathe. --fenn

matches10 box$0.79foundrygrocery
play sand200 lb$13.00foundryfarm store
bentonite50 lb$8.30foundryfarm store
diatomaceous earth10 lb$8.00foundryhardwareparting dust
welding gloves3 pr$8.99foundryHF
wood putty8 oz$1.98patternhardwareless toxic than bondo
dowel 7/161$0.49patternhardware
wheelium and pistonium60 lbrawjunk heapoptionally precast into ingots :)
1/4"x2"x36" CRS1$7.62rawonline metals
1/4"x3"x36" CRS1$12.92rawonline metals
shipping0$16.37rawonline metals
1/2"x36" CRS rod2$3.33rawonline metals
scrap1$4.00rawscrapreversible 1/2 HP motor
keystock 1/4"x12"1$0.79rawhardware
3/8"-16x72" threaded rod1$3.50rawhardware
prussian blue oil paint3 oz$6.85toolsart store
plate glass 0.5"x6"x32"1$5.00toolsglass store
carbide lathe bits10$7.99toolsHF
1/2" replacement drill chuck1$4.99toolsHF
feeler gauge1$2.99toolsHF
6" electronic calipers1$15.99toolsHF
pressure fed oil gun1$3.99toolsHF
parts brush1$2.49toolshardwarehighly recommended
1/4"-20 tap1$1.89toolshardwareyou'll break at least one
13/64 bit1$1.35toolshardwareditto
V-belt 31"1$2.59hardwarehardware
1/2"x30" v belt1$2.69hardwarehardware
1/2" set screw collar1$1.09hardwarehardware
1/2"x1.5" pulley1$2.49hardwarehardware
8-32x1" SHCS100$9.78hardwaremcmaster
1/4"-20x3/4" SHCS100$11.50hardwaremcmaster
1/4"-20x1/2" flat socket head100$13.92hardwaremcmaster
electrical box1$0.69hardwarehardware
light switch1$0.89hardwarehardware
DPDT switch 15A1$4.99hardwarehardwarereverse switch
10-2G electrical wire20 ft$6.00hardwarehardware
1/4"-20x1.25" SHCS12$1.44hardwarehardware
1/4"-20x3/16" set screw10$1.40hardwarehardware
3/4"ID x1"ODx3/4"L bronze bearing+48.3$3.75hardwaremcmasterheadstock rear bearing and spares
3/4"ID x1"ODx1.25"L bronze bearing1$4.44hardwaremcmasterheadstock main bearing - bronze not oilite
1/2"ID x5/8"ODx1/2"L bronze bearing10$4.70hardwaremcmaster
Brass shimstock 0.001"x6"x60"1$4.15hardwaremcmaster
Grand Unrealistic Total($220.20)

If you beat this number, you probably live in China.

Attach file: filelathe-bom-sort.xls 21 download [Information] filelathe-bom-sort.html 24 download [Information] filelathe-bom-sort.gnumeric 29 download [Information]

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