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ToDo list

Please work on this stuff. Ask fenn if you still don't know what to do.

patternmaking some pictures could help a lot here,
hydrodynamic bearing theory (get that superfinish book from library!),
write letters to vince (ask about posting CAD files, see if he is really doing an update if so what he will include and how long it will be),
figure out which license to use (ask student legal services?),
publicity (rcm, cad/cam/dro, EMC mail list?, ),
more automatic process for index/categorical stuff,
"finish" categorical stuff - at least up to date,
at least make a checklist of things to do when adding a new machine/process,
see how greg J is coming along,
add gingery's other machines (look at lindsaybks site?),
document moving in a milling machine (ain't gonna happen now),
define scope of the wiki.. or not(?),
sign up to all fifty billion of JWE's groups and condense the relevant files (already done?),

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