machine#designs_in_progress: CNC

Computer Numerical Control.  

The Holy Grail for hobby machinists. Or not, if you actually enjoy sitting around for hours turning a crank.

This page serves as a hub for all things CNC-related.

Current Event!!  

Cardinal Engineering in Galesburg, IL is hosting the first second and small shop owners, june 15-21 2006. This is the _only_ show in town for hobby/DIY CNC enthusiasts. Be there or else you're gonna miss it!!! (official site)

CNC Theory  


Mechanical designs:  

hexapod - machine tool of the future
127K9720 motor mounts
roller_screws - backlash-free, high efficiency, DIY ballscrew substitute

Electrical/optical designs:  

oldcrap_bus - use one parallel port to control 16 devices - deprecated. see motherchip instead
iskewb modular servo motor driver
PWM h-bridge circuit, suitable for up to 36V and 10A or so brushed DC servos.

encoders - homebrew encoders and recommendations on commercial units

Software related:  

EMC is a very nice, free, linux machine control software suite that is used by hobbyists and industrialists alike.

CNC Projects:  

What do I do with a CNC machine once I build it?

  • make some lostfoam castings
  • cut some circuit boards
  • brag to your friends
  • take pictures and send it to me fenn


If you are one of the poor souls who bought the very nice sanyo denki brushless servos from surplus center, you should have a look at the board icee designed to control them...

modular, open-source motor driver/controller PCB designs and artwork:

EMC website's links page:

Tim Goldsteins' page - converting a Shoptask to CNC, homebrew ballscrew, emc specific info, and other good info.

A Yahoo group that has been suggested elsewhere.

A big mess of CNC-related links, very outdated & busted.

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