machine#designs: MetalMaster

Urwick MetalMaster  

Photo of Mick Collins' MetalMaster

Urwick had many good but unorthodox ideas about how a hobby machine tool should be built. He made a dozen) prototypes, but never went into mass production.

Notable features worth copying:

  • Adjustable centerline height
  • adjustable bed/spindle skew (for taper turning)
  • auxiliary bed for tailstock, DTI, lamps, etc
  • rack-feed tailstock
  • pulley/flywheel/vernier spin index
  • Urwick's Triangular Gib key is an excellent method of ensuring accurate and repeatable vertical registration on a commercial Mill/Drill.
    A possible method of cutting the triangular way for the Gib key. See below - CuttingLongKeyways.pdf

The MetalMaster Yahoo Group, where I got all my info:
Full plans, construction notes and CAD drawings are available on a shareware basis. with some pictures, but the text seems to be about a different machine than Urwick's MetalMaster

The LaborMil, a similar machine, more heavily built:

Attach file: fileMM2.jpg 24 download [Information]

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