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power_hacksaw designs

8 part 44 page article on the excelent small power hacksaw designed by Duplex in the early 50s. See below - DuplePowerHacksaw.pdf

4 part 12 page article by ET Westbury - a small power hacksaw, castings and motor available from Woking Precision Models in the UK. See below - Westbury Power Hacksaw.pdf

Other articles on building power hacksaws -
A very nice small power hacksaw built from scrap. Part 1 of 2
Part 2 total 5 pages. See below - Murton Power Hacksaw.pdf

A very nice power hacksaw made from simple items from Popular Science Feb 1964 6 pages. See below - PShackSaw.pdf

Another hacksaw from Duplex but with a twist, it's manual. 4 pages. See Below - 2711-Hacksaw.pdf

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