power_hacksaw modifications

p>One of the weakest points of the power hacksaw is the design of the frame. The two (2) bearing carriers must be <u><em>perfectly</em></u> aligned or the saw will bind during use. A much better approach:</p><p>1) Cut a length of 1/2" black pipe to a length which matches the bend hacksaw frame</p><p>2) Ream the ends as needed to get the Oilite bushings to fit</p><p>3) Weld the support brackets about 1.5" from each end of the pipe</p><p>4) Weld the pipe / support bracket assembly to the frame</p><p>5) Install the bushings in the ends of the pipe</p><p>This design change eliminates the need to align the bushings and makes the saw operate much smoother.</p><p> </p>

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