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Roller Screws  

Roller screws are an alternative to acme and ballscrews - they efficiently convert rotary movement into linear movement by using what is essentially a high helix angle rack and pinion. The thread form of a high quality roller screw is actually an involute curve, but standard 60 degree threads will work just fine for most applications.

> Here is an old SKF roller screw catalog for your perusal. (5.4MB pdf)

There are two types of commercial roller screw rollers - planetary and recirculating (also known as grooved) - the planetary type ensures that the rollers don't touch each other or anything else, and appears to be the most common type. The planetary rollers have helical grooves, like a screw, but the recirculating ones just have multiple angled grooves, or otherwise they would unscrew from their holder.

And this is how it goes together:

Now here is a homebuilt design that looks fairly easy to build, actually:

Attach file: filediy-rollerscrew7.jpg 47 download [Information] filediy-rollerscrew9.jpg 32 download [Information] filediy-rollerscrew8.jpg 43 download [Information] filediy-rollerscrew6.jpg 36 download [Information] filediy-rollerscrew5.jpg 38 download [Information] filediy-rollerscrew4.jpg 32 download [Information] filediy-rollerscrew3.jpg 33 download [Information] filediy-rollerscrew2.jpg 43 download [Information] filediy-rollerscrew.jpg 37 download [Information] fileroller-screw-skf.png 51 download [Information] fileRecirculating-rollerscrew-diagram.jpg 31 download [Information] filePlanetary-rollerscrew-diagram.jpg 46 download [Information]

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