lathe_compound modifications

Beefier clamp supports:

I noticed the clamp supports were so thin that they flexed when taking a light milling cut on the drill press. Not good. This might be due to a patternmaking error on my part. I put a lot of draft on the pattern so I could do simple bedding instead of having to flip the mold. Also note my neato brass gib strips, found in a scrap yard. The gib runs the entire length of the new compound.

New compound in action:

The new compound screws directly into my modified cross slide with a flat head allen socket screw, and clamps directly onto its flat surface.The compound is supported by the cross slide along its entire length when set at around 90 degrees to the spindle axis. The screw, being a single pivot point, allows the compound slide to be used as a crude radius cutter. Just set the tool bit over the clamp screw and swing it around with the screw loosened a little bit. I intend to make a flat-head shoulder bolt one of these days, to give me a more accurate pivot point.

You can see that the compound is rather long (too long) and it bangs into things if you are working at steep angles close to the headstock or tailstock.

See this compound slide as a milling attachment.

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