lathe_crosslide modifications

My first cross slide:

I used the lathe like this for quite a while until I finally put some handles on it. The milled flat surface makes more sense to me than the totally inaccurate recessed ring that Dave_Gingery devised. It also uses an angle iron feedscrew bracket so that I could make the travel longer if I so wished. (Turns out that was actually a good idea, and I kept it in future revisions.)
Other than that, it's pretty much as described in the book.

My second cross slide:

When I made a new compound slide I made an identical part to use as the cross slide. It is flat and has a large surface area, so it can be used as a boring table for flycutting and boring out large castings. I patterned it after the Myford Super 7 lathes. The T-slots aren't that useful after all. I just use the holes tapped into the surface most of the time. You can see where a corner of the second T-slot broke off. This happened as I was tightening down a T-nut on a clamp. There was a bit of foam embedded in the casting that hadn't fully vaporized, and weakened the final casting as a result.


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