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Westbury's Light Vertical Mill
Thanks to J W Early for scanning these in!

Light Vertical Mill
By Edgar T. Westbury a light milling machine for the home builder. castings are available for this machine either as a complete set or individual pieces from Woking Precision Models

For those who want to make their own castings, detailed plans are in the attached file LVMill.pdf below.

An alternative is to buy a cheap import drill press and use it as the basis for the LVM. If the drill is big enough you could upgrade it to a 3MT or R8 spindle.

Attach file: fileLVM04.pdf 40 download [Information] fileLVM01.pdf 55 download [Information] fileLVM11.pdf 30 download [Information] fileLVM05.pdf 29 download [Information] fileLVM02.pdf 25 download [Information] fileLVM07.pdf 29 download [Information] fileLVM10.pdf 28 download [Information] fileLVM1.jpg 39 download [Information] fileLVM03.pdf 38 download [Information] fileLVM08.pdf 19 download [Information] fileLVM09.pdf 27 download [Information] fileLVM06.pdf 35 download [Information]

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