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Explanations of unclear material, typography corrections, drawing corrections, and elaboration on what may have been left out goes here.

  • Is there a misprint in the diagrams for the spindle head pattern on page 66 of Book 4: The milling Machine? Specifically in the drag half of the pattern is listed as 7/8" x 4" x 4 3/8". The 4 3/8" wide section on the cope half is also 4". Now the picture below shows a 1" difference between the cope and drag half. Dave says to put the dowel carefully on the exact center. Later on it show a clamping bolt placed in the 1 inch section toward the end of the piece to lock the vertical slide. Now with all that said what I am trying to determine is Does the split dowel go down the exact center of the 4" piece, then cut it to 3", or should it run down the exact center of a 3" x 4 3/8" x7/8" piece (which is what I believe to be the case). --David.
    • The 4" dimension on page 66 is a mistake. It should be 3". Then the dowel is centered on that piece. --John Schwytzer
  • The drawings of the carriage on pg 78 show 4 bolts in each of the 4 clamp pads being equidistant across each pad. Due to the design of the screw tunnel for the carriage screw, the clamp bolts for the bed ways on the "gib side" cannot be drilled as shown or the third bolt hole would come through the casting into the screw tunnel. You'll just have to move them accordingly.


  • The current book does not have any actual pictures of the tailstand, only drawings. Dave mentions that the tail stand is shown clearly on the cover photo but that obviously did not happen on the copies I've seen. I believe there are pics of it on the Lindsay site that should have been included in the book.


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