machine#construction: casting


The art of turning something liquid into a solid.
Here are all the sub topics, arranged in what I think is order of difficulty.

Casting materials

concrete, plaster, wax, resin, plastic, babbitt, zinc, aluminum, ceramic, brass, iron, steel

Molding techniques

lostfoam, greensand,resin-bonded-sand, plaster, silicone, petrobond, steel_core, silicate, wax, ceramic_shell, plastic, diecast,

Furnace types

hotplate, charcoal, crucibles, gas, reverberatory, electric, cupola, oil, arc, injection_molder, cokeless cupola, solar, induction, electron_beam :)

*principles of casting

All casting involves

  • a fluid under pressure that becomes solid
  • channels through which the fluid flows
  • a cavity with the negative shape of the part to be cast
  • a pattern to form the cavity
  • vents for air to escape the mold


Please don't add links here, rather, put them on the relevant sub-topics, for example greensand, petrobond, aluminum, brass,

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